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a line graph that stays relatively flat for most of its length then spikes upward abruptly near its end: first used to describe the controversial global warming graph associated with climategate.
If you look at this graph closely, it forms a good hockey stick.

This US debt graph is a real hockey stick.

The world population growth chart sure looks like a big hockey stick.
by nayrb January 21, 2013
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1. A stick used to hit a hockey puck in the game of Hockey.

2. A Canadian Sex Act -- The only thing the man wears is Ice Skates on his feet, while the girl performs a frosty mitten job, naked, while the man hold her legs, and caries her around, while motor boating her chest.
Drew, "Dude man, did you see last night when that dude broke my hockey stick?"
Adam, "SICK!"

Cassidy, "Taylor, I went to Canada last weekend, and I ran into some old friends, and they were totally doing the Hockey Stick!!"
Taylor, "OMFG! That's BAD ASS!"
by Swede1984 January 18, 2011
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