a line graph that stays relatively flat for most of its length then spikes upward abruptly near its end: first used to describe the controversial global warming graph associated with climategate.
If you look at this graph closely, it forms a good hockey stick.

This US debt graph is a real hockey stick.

The world population growth chart sure looks like a big hockey stick.
by nayrb January 21, 2013
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A hockey stick is comprised of a blade, a small curve, and a long shaft. A hockey stick chart displays data low-level activity (y-axis) over a short period of time (x-axis), then a sudden bend indicative of an inflection point, and finally a long and straight rise at a steep angle.
The interest from the VC’s is hockey sticking in the market.
by lilac smiley term June 7, 2020
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1. A stick used to hit a hockey puck in the game of Hockey.

2. A Canadian Sex Act -- The only thing the man wears is Ice Skates on his feet, while the girl performs a frosty mitten job, naked, while the man hold her legs, and caries her around, while motor boating her chest.
Drew, "Dude man, did you see last night when that dude broke my hockey stick?"
Adam, "SICK!"

Cassidy, "Taylor, I went to Canada last weekend, and I ran into some old friends, and they were totally doing the Hockey Stick!!"
Taylor, "OMFG! That's BAD ASS!"
by Swede1984 January 19, 2011
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Gina returned from the Shore with bruises from a Frankie Hockey Stick.
by Sugatang January 11, 2017
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A Hockey Stick Gift is a gift given another that is really a present that the giver wants for him/herself.... typically given to another family member. Not unlike a "Chipmunck Gift," but one that is really coveted by the giver.
"Bobby gave Mom a Hockey Stick Gift for the holidays.... he gave her that train set he's been wanting all year..."
by puttycake December 17, 2009
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Getting beat up by a hockey stick.

This is the cold weather version of the Baseball Bat Treatment.
Noah: Can you believe this?! Someone tried to break into my house in the middle of the night!
Luke: Did you call 911?
Noah: No, he got the hockey stick treatment!
by OffBeatDrummer September 26, 2023
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A dick crooked like the end of a hockey stick.
Me: I felt like I was in the NHL last night.
Friend: Why?
Me: Homeboy had a serious case of hockey stick dick.
by P-Mo March 7, 2014
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