Best mother fing ska band in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
Yo did you all see the rocking face first show last night?
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The best ska band of all time from New Jersey who used to have a t-shirt that said "We didnt go emo so neither should you." But dropped the horns and went emo.
by Joe March 25, 2005
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1. n. a very well endowed person; someone having a large penis

2. -ed adj. the state of being very well endowed or having a large penis

on a scale of first-third, First face is the largest possible size of penis.
1. Susan slept with Travis, and our suspicions are confirmed. He is DEFINITELY a First Face!

2. Everyone says that boy is so First Faced, it's SCARY!
by MahBFiz1stFace August 23, 2008
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The realization that the initial feeling of excitement and arousal was sorely misplaced as the woman turns out to be less attractive and interesting as initially believed. Very common in relationships and one-night stands and orientations for school and when women take their makeup off.
K and H experienced first face shock when they found their entering class was not as attractive as orientation made it seem.

At first I thought she was beautiful, but when I got out of prison 10 months later, I experienced first face shock.

"Last night, I would never have put a brown bag on that bitch. But this morning, I experienced first face shock!"

I spilled water over her shirt and I was in love. I spilled water over her face and I was in first face shock.
by Blow Me I'm Brown September 9, 2010
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