When a uncircumsized man stands behind a sitting woman and lays his penis across the top of her head.
That stripper totally snorked her!
by Zanalee October 24, 2011
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Snork: (verb) the act of unintentionally inhaling a liquid refreshment through one's nasal passages via the back of the throat, thereby causing a 'snork' sound to emanate from behind the clenched teeth of the victim. Occurs most frequently when sudden laughter has been induced by an unforeseen event, audio-visual item, or comment.
That was so funny I snorked my soda!
by justshellyca August 06, 2011
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A cross between snore and an oink (like a pig).
Do you hear that? What is it?

That's just Scamp, he's snorking!
by Trashy'sMom May 01, 2009
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Similar to a Spork, but this utensil also has a knife on one edge of the fork. Spoon, knife, fork.
A snork is the ultimate eating utensil! It has a spoon, knife, and fork, all built into one unit.
by tucdnbed December 15, 2011
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Derived from "Social Networking." The act of using social networking tools such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.
Once the bloggers had exchanges links, they snorked each other's posts, and thus, they were snorking.
by JJBettencourt September 09, 2011
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The combination of a snort and a smirk that occurs after reading a semi funny text to which you misleadingly replied "laughing out loud(lol)"
Thomas thinks that his texts make me laugh out loud but really his jokes just make me half heartedly snork.
by LukeHPC July 02, 2015
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An ignorant scrub who thinks he's top notch or he's acting like a sped, also meaning a guy or girl who plays with themselves
"Stop being a snork Zach!"
by SaintOfTheGeeks April 01, 2015
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