The noise that a piggy makes.
Pig 1: *oink*
Pig 2: *oink*
by -x- February 01, 2004
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Word often heard coming from the mouth/snout of a police spokesperson.
Commenting on the policing of the protest, the Metropolitan Commissioner remarked "oink, oink, oink".
by Andy April 19, 2004
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Acronym for one income, no kids and refers to a child-free couple, one of whom is currently jobless.
Due to the recession and his lay-off, John and Mary were now OINKs. Similarly, see also DINK.
by Ronnie Barnhardt November 15, 2009
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When expressed mathematically, (exemplified with the notation >oo<) is an astronomical value much greater than infinity, and has properties of a prime number (indivisible except by itself or by the one). It is absolute infinite. It is used to express my love for AW.
by iverzc January 17, 2009
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The sound emitted from a student as he/she struggles with completing the PIG (Participation in Government) paper.
Student 1: Hey, whats up?
Student 2: Dude, I'm oinking right now
Student 1: Really? What happened?
Student 2: The PIG paper is due in 3 days and I still haven't started... Oink!!
by Coley D December 13, 2012
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