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This is the combination of snots from a runny nose and boogers also found in the nose usually not as runny as snots,
Honey, let me get you a tissue, you have snoogers.
by bush baby's girl February 17, 2009
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That sticky substance that you get in your nostril that is too thick to be concidered snot and not hard enough to be a booger...therefore is a Snooger. In between the two evils, and it doesn't matter how hard you blow your nose, it refuses to leave, leaving you no other choice but to go in, bare fingered, and fish the Snooger out!
Amanda: Are you picking your nose?

Angela: Well, I have no other choice...I've got a Snooger!

Amanda: Snooger?

Angela: You know, it's not a booger and not snot, inbetween, a Snooger!

Amanda: Oh, that makes sense!
by angelarose0924 August 10, 2010
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a snotty booger that is frequently eaten by little kids or are hidden under thier parents pillows.
Scenario 1.
mom-"ewh! jacob! you left a snooger under my pillow!

Scenario 2.
son-"aye anoyone got a ttissue"
dad-"no, why???"
son-"i got this huge snooger in my my left nostrile!"
dad-"sorry, you should stick it in the right one :)"
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Runny boog that has a little green in er
ohhhhh yeah
"please do not blow your snoogers all over the wall"
by Mikel November 03, 2003
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When you have sex with a girl and you use melted chocolate as the lube.
Last night, I was snoogering with elaine, then i left and she had to clean up the mess on her bed.
by MAN CAVE June 25, 2009
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