Usually referring to someone being a really bad impersonation of an iconic figure. The term "Great Value" being used before someone else's name references the ever-so-famous Wal-Mart brand that tends to rip-off other product brands, but with less quality and also a cheaper cost too, so calling someone a Great Value version of something else is pretty much a diss or insult to them.
I cringed so hard when Great Value nigahiga did a roast video.
by bitstripslang December 02, 2016
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A brand sold exclusively at Wal Mart. You'll find that Great Value,like WalMart itself, imitates other companies products only with considerably less value,but considerably less expensive. Was once found almost exclusively in lesser income homes but as many middle and even upper class men were affected by The Recession, they too began purchasing great value cereal,toilet paper and tanpons. Even though its nearly gaurenteed that every person has at least one or two Great Value products,its generally hidden,or shunned from relatives. That being the case,in many cases its almost as often,bragged about.
"Yeah,nigga I got that Great Value,fuck real Cherios!"
All in all,Great Value has become a necessary evil in today's society.
WhiteKid1: Hey,do you have any Ritz Crackers or some Cheetos?
WhiteKid2: No,but I do have Great Value Wheat Snacks and 'Cheesy Twist'
WhiteKid1: You know what,I goatta stop coming to your house. I keep forgeting your poor

BlackKid1: Yo man,u got somethin to eat?
BlackKid2: Man,I got some cereal
BlackKid1:Fa real? What kind?
BlackKid2: Nigga,I don't know,Great Value shit
BlackKid1: Sshhyyyytttt,'sall good in the hood nigga!
by ElRayo June 14, 2011
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poor, crappy food, crap in a box, knock off food brand.
that food is so great value.
by cutie16 June 12, 2011
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Texas isn't a real state. It's just rip off version of Mexico.
I am not scared of anyone from Great Value Mexico
by Mandogy March 30, 2020
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University girls who have group chats that constantly involve their personal sexual encounters, how they've cheated on their partners, and everything else penis craving sluts do!
My ex-girlfriend was a great value hoe, I saw messages on her group chat that she fucked my best friend in her roommates bed while I was in hers!
by Keeperoftingz March 06, 2017
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Showing resemblance to the iconic actor Jason Momoa but lacking in substance. Typically used to describe a knock off version of someone of statue.
Look at that Great Value Jason Momoa, he can't even swim.
by RUHdog July 09, 2021
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