From the very first moment you meet Treasure, the way she looks at you will make you feel as if you've been friends with her your whole life. Treasure is the only girl of your dreams who will come true. At times, she may not always know exactly what she is doing. It's easy to be fooled. She has the power to tear ANY man apart if she so chooses to but if your love for Treasure is true, you will be able to gaze deeply into her endless brown eyes and see underneath her clever camouflage to discover that deep down, Treasure is a diamond. Perfect and flawless. Her soul is as free as a new born baby and feels just as soft and cool, but she is no push over. She'll always do as she pleases even though you may not approve. Treasure is a rebel. It is wise to never ask Treasure "why?". She always knows what is right. She is someone you always want to be . And always a person who will lift your spirits. Doing so will make you go insane. If you happen to be lucky enough to have a friend named Treasure then you are blessed with infinite inspiration and endless imagination. It is because of Treasure that mankind has dared venture into outer space. Treasure is usually extremely talented. She usually is a great singer. Her best friends names usually start with a K, E, R, or M. Treasure is strong willed and determined and she will absolutely not take no for an answer. Treasure is very successful and everybody likes her. If you ever find a Treasure KEEP HER.
Wow, did you see that girl she is amazing, I bet her name is Treasure. Person 1 I am really sad Person 2 lets go find a Treasure I bet she will help. Wow she looks gorgeous.
by katieboo#1 November 7, 2013
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Treasure, one of the best kpop group of 4th generation. Composed of 12 dancers, 12 vocalists, 12 rappers, 12 producers and composers, 12 humble and kind boys. Called as the Global Super Rookies, Monster Rookies, Super Rookies, Biggest Rookie Group. A half million seller group in just two months of carreer.
Treasure, best boys and deserve all the love in the world.
by trsrbstbys October 19, 2020
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Is an amazing, beautiful, hot, funny, athletic, awesome, love able,

great,most amazing girl in the world. Makes you smile all the time and is willing to make you happy and loved.
Try to be like a Treasure so you can be loved back.
by #1 princess lover July 6, 2011
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Something one or many might find of value.

People would sometimes consider pirates to be searching for treasure commonly, and they would sometimes use 'booty' or loot as pirate speak slang, the treasures they would find were usually consisting of gold, magic objects, jewelry, and other various flashy objects.
"I found treasure buried just beneath our picnic table!"

"I treasure you more than anyone in the world"

"The treasure of lying underneath the full moon"

"Yarr, there be tha treasure up ahead, set full sail to that ther' cave!"
by abledbody May 15, 2012
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If you see a girls thong/underpants you say treasure to your friend.''

In sweden me and my homies say 'Skatt'
Aleks: oohh look, treasure
Jonas & c.o: Very nice
by relaxo May 28, 2005
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A game company responsible for many cult-status games, many of which involve shooting stuff.

Examples of Treasure's works include Gunstar Heroes, Radiant Silvergun, Sin and Punishment, and more recently, Ikaruga.
Random guy 1: "I just got Gunstar Heroes for the Wii's Virtual Console!
RG2: "Gunstar Heroes? What's that?"
RG1: "It's a run-and-gun shooter by Treasure. You know, kinda like Contra or Metal Slug."
by Raymoo October 17, 2007
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