the act of sniffing for two hours straight during the finals and being annoying to everyone around you
David: "Yo, did you hear hermit have the sniffles during chemisty?
Peter: "Yeah, must be allergic to hair oil.."
by Dabito February 7, 2011
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sniffles is like the common cold where you have a blocked nose and have to sniff but its sounds alot cooler! plus the sniffles is a more serious case of sniffling and really irritating to the people around someone with the sniffles. found by the french in the 16th century and still the only known cure is time.
oh no! katie has the sniffles.
by fbjdod October 29, 2011
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Also known as a cold, when one's nose is runny and makes noises when breathing which distract and disgust everyone around. "Sniffles" is commonly used by grandmothers in conversations with their grandchildren.
Aw, you have the sniffles? Let me get you a tissue out of my purse.
by brandnew08 June 6, 2006
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When you cum in a girl's nose.
"I blasted this chick with a bad case of the sniffles over there by the Golden Tee machine."
by h0b0camp February 26, 2006
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When in the 69 position and your nose gets too close to the anus. Not a problem following a shower. But you can get the sniffles if she has been at work all day.
Christ love we need to change position i have the sniffles and cant breath!!
by Bedworthman December 23, 2008
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A word for cocaine, derived from the word sniff.

Got any sniff?

Got any sniffles?
I like to buy a bit of sniffles every weekend. We'll go twos on that gram.
by Matthew Dyer August 12, 2004
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Another term for polypro, the under-armor like material the military uses in cold climates.
"Ok soilders you fucked up security watch last night so now no sniffles privelages."
by Redman1212 March 26, 2009
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