there are two definitions of 'gram' depending on the context

1. a 'gram' refers to a 'gram' of drugs
2. the 'gram' refers to instagram
Yo dude hmu with a gram of that coke cocaine

"I don't do it for the gram, I do it for Compton" -Kendrick Lamar.
by vsh October 31, 2017
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The basic unit of mass of the International System of Measurement (Systeme Internationale). It is defined as one one-thousandth of the SI base unit kilogram in France. Its name comes from the Latin root grámma.
An average man weighs 75000 grams.
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Described as a fail when gaming.
Person A: Stop pulling grams, dude. You're killing the team.
Person B: That ladder is a catapult!
by JackieC24 July 28, 2010
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To take a photo using Instagram.
Wait, hold it right there, I've got to gram this.
by wildernesscat June 30, 2013
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a old lady whos your gram
gram can i have some more food
gram can i have some money im broke
gram take care of me
by pie February 25, 2005
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Hooking up with a girl one time and thinking they are in a long term relationship(especially when she is drunk and you are completely sober).
Yeah Pat hooked up with Eileen last weekend, and now he thinks they're dating, typical gram.
by Hayhead69 November 17, 2007
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When marijuana is sold at the flat rate of $10 a gram, regardless of quantity purchased.

Usually because it is high quality bud.
Ian: Yo, you got any chronic?
Brett: Yea dude, shit's whip.
Ian: Can u sell me a 1/4?
Brett: Yea dude its gram for gram tho, is that straight?
Ian: Yea be there soon?
Brett: yea just come in my side door.
by AGoff December 23, 2009
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