When in the 69 position and your nose gets too close to the anus. Not a problem following a shower. But you can get the sniffles if she has been at work all day.
Christ love we need to change position i have the sniffles and cant breath!!
by Bedworthman December 23, 2008
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A word for cocaine, derived from the word sniff.

Got any sniff?

Got any sniffles?
I like to buy a bit of sniffles every weekend. We'll go twos on that gram.
by Matthew Dyer August 12, 2004
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Something one would say when sad, or upset in some matter. Not deeply troubled, just a minor conflict. Not to be used when someone dies, or anything in that nature.
Girl 1: Hey look I stopped that goal!
Girl 2: But you used your feet.
Girl 1: Is that bad?
Girl 2: Yes.
Girl 1: Sniffle.

*Note* I used the sport field hockey in the passage above, where you cannot use your feet. So all you soccer/football fans calm down.
by Neonblack6 June 25, 2010
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Another term for polypro, the under-armor like material the military uses in cold climates.
"Ok soilders you fucked up security watch last night so now no sniffles privelages."
by Redman1212 March 25, 2009
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Moist anal breaths. They are very taxing physically, but create a truly marvelous aroma.
I had the sniffles so bad that grandma nearly passed out, ha ha!
by Captain Feceous July 20, 2003
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When I have an annoying cold or when I laugh so much and my nose starts running and you are too lazy to blow it and keep sniffing it, in it is called "The Sniffles".
by UnseenKitty December 18, 2017
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