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SNICKLING (Verb, Adjective, Noun, used simultaneously): the act of closing the books which includes, reconciling ALL accounts not just net assets and massaging, specifically the so-called mountains, for a long period of time. Studies have proved that the longer it takes to close the books the more thorough and accurate they are hence providing the best set of books that can be kept for many years. The books is technically closed once per month however, to reach optimal maintenance, it is recommended to be closed once per week specifically on the weekend where it is more relaxed and there is no distractions present. If necessary, deviations to this theory can happen depending on the amount of sleep, food, health, and all relevant factors the accountant gets within the days of the week.
We won't have any time for Snickling if we watch this movie.
Anh ye^u snickling em.
by anh~ October 15, 2007
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