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ie: "Hey Rover, do you want a snausage? Beg for it!"
by devolut April 13, 2004
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an 80's treat for a dog...
the product had a cathcy jingle...
by theGiver August 11, 2003
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Phat Rat: If you into snausages nigga its in ya blood nigga thats what its meant to be (addressing Lloyd Banks after Banks denies being involved in the gay porno)
by JGuzmannn June 29, 2006
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A mansausage that is inside of some really snug fitting jeans, with a super pronounced outline. (Snug fit sausage)
Dude check out how tight that guys jeans are, he is totally rocking the snausage!!
by AD218 July 31, 2008
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The name describing the male crotch after being fully shaven. See turtle lips for the female definition.
Adam: "So Matt, where do you swim again?"

Matt: "Down at the YMCA by my house."

Adam: "How are the facilities?"

Matt: "They are ok, but the real highlight of my workout occurs after my swim in the locker room when I get to look at all of the snausage. Some mornings I just don't want to leave."

Adam: "Uhhh nevermind..."
by Skeezer September 13, 2003
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1: a treat used too reward an obedient dog/cat/veloceraptor when they perform a trick or do something entertaining such as:
-Roll over
-Play dead
-Cut open you friend's chest with their claws

Comes in a variety of flavors/shapes/genders.

2: a command word, issued in a high pitch voice, that gets higher in the middle AU of the word. Best done next to one's ear.
CAUTION: can cause destructive behavior if said to those that are affected by such a word.
Hutch: GRRRRAAAHHHH!!!!!(rampage ensues)
by Mr. Fields May 08, 2005
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