ie: "Hey Rover, do you want a snausage? Beg for it!"
by devolut April 14, 2004
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an 80's treat for a dog...
the product had a cathcy jingle...
by theGiver August 11, 2003
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noun; one who is sausage-shaped and unintelligent
verb; to act like a snausage
adjective; "snausagey" the act of being a snausage
Kallie often acts a filthy snausage
by mimer June 22, 2010
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The name describing the male crotch after being fully shaven. See turtle lips for the female definition.
Adam: "So Matt, where do you swim again?"

Matt: "Down at the YMCA by my house."

Adam: "How are the facilities?"

Matt: "They are ok, but the real highlight of my workout occurs after my swim in the locker room when I get to look at all of the snausage. Some mornings I just don't want to leave."

Adam: "Uhhh nevermind..."
by Skeezer September 13, 2003
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A little black Scottish Terrier, named Dog Vader, that causes havoc, mayhem, and chaos. He will not listen to anyone but dad. Likes to run off at warp speed.....and just before he disappears over the hill......looks at mom and screams "FUCK YOU!!!" in dog language......and then continues running off at warp speed.
Vader sitting in the middle of the yard.
Mom: Vader......get over here!!
Vader runs at warp speed up the hill with mom chasing him.
Mom returns 15 minutes later sweaty, dirty, and pissed off.
Dad walks outside: Where is Vader?
Mom: That little fucking snausage ran off!!!
Dad: (calling in a medium tone) VADER!!
Vader pops out of the bushes beside dad like he was there the whole time.
by ErthBndMsft September 25, 2013
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A snack sized sausage. Usuaully seen at holiday parties and receptions, often with a toothpick in it.
Oh man, I feel so ill, I should not have eaten so many of those snausages.
by WadeB December 11, 2006
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