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YMCA stands for YOU MIGHT CATCH AIDS. so dont stay at the YMCA
Don't touch that needle YMCA
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by yaboijacobthorsen September 04, 2018
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Yesterday's Meal Cooked Again
A shorter, snappier name for your reheated leftovers.
When I got in at 3am I was so hungry but so tired, I just microwaved me some YMCA curry then fell asleep with my head in the empty bowl...
by ScimmyMunkeh October 07, 2012
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Basically it is an apartment where many drug abusers and ex-convicts stay to sleep and abuse drugs. Some of these people pay rent, while most others are unemployed and do nothing with their lives except party, drink and abuse drugs. No one you stays in these places are to be trusted.
Let's go down to the Y.M.C.A. where all the losers in town live!
by Jimmy Spelich March 26, 2009
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An athletic workout place where half the people that go are fat, and go to get slightly less fat.
Person: Hey, did you hear, Phil went to YMCA because he was 300 pounds and now he's only 295 pounds!
by Plan B February 03, 2005
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Young Mens Christian Association
Originally founded in London, England by 12 men of the christian faith. The first one in the continent of North America is located in Montreal, Canada and the first one in the United States is in Boston, Massechusetts. It is a non-profit organization. Basically a day care for kids pre-k - 12 grade. The YMCA strives to teach good values, morals, etc. The core values are Honesty (the color blue), Respect (yellow), Careing (red), and Responsibility (green).
The sports that were invented at the YMCA are, basketball, softball, volleyball, racket ball, and proffesional football (getting payed for playing football).
by some chick September 12, 2003
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