4 definitions by WadeB

A state of extreme perfection bordering on divinity that bestows moral authority upon the subject.
Dude, did you see Chuck Norris kick all those guys in the head ? That was righteous!
by WadeB June 19, 2008
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An annoying young person who has not yet had life beat the attitude out of them.
Dude was a real punkass, til he tried that shit with some bikers. He ain't pretty no more.
by WadeB January 23, 2007
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I was gurping so hard it took me 45 minutes to tie my shoes.
by WadeB July 11, 2006
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A snack sized sausage. Usuaully seen at holiday parties and receptions, often with a toothpick in it.
Oh man, I feel so ill, I should not have eaten so many of those snausages.
by WadeB December 11, 2006
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