Unable to resist the temptation of; much like Darth Vader was unable to resist the Dark Side.
I’ll try my best to steer clear, but I know I am going to Vader A cock eventually.
by DragginF15 February 22, 2020
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Darth Vader, formally Anakin Skywalker. Turns evil from good, then back again. He's a total kickass.
Was trained by Obi-Wan Kenobi. Who also kicks ass.
Wears big black suit, scary.
His nickname used to be Ani.
Villian but actually the victim.
The main character in the Star Wars saga.
Palpatine: Lord Vader? Can you hear me?

Darth Vader:*Breaths* Yes Master

Palpatine: Rise.
by Jedi Master Luna February 1, 2006
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A Polish Death Metal band, started up before the Iron Curtain fell down. Among the "dinosaurs" of the genre,including Cannibal Corpse and Morbid Angel. Vader was however more influential on the "new wave" of death metal that appears to be springing up now, called brutal death, with such bands as Spawn Of Possession, Severed Savior, Origin, Nile, ect...

Vader's latest release is an MCD entitled "Blood"
Vader's latest release is entitled "Blood"
by Tiblisinov August 7, 2004
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The most famous Dark Lord of the Sith Formally Anakin Skywalker before the long awaited lava duel.
I'm going to change the topic to a different character since we all want to talk about Star Wars and pretend we don't. We all know that he thought he was great and Obi Wan punked him out. Anyway who is a bigger CB towards Princess Leia Lando Callarrisian or Han Solo.
by Da NavisLonga X May 3, 2005
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A Polish person, comes from the Polish Death Metal band of the same name.
There was a load of vaders in town today. The place I was working was full of vaders.
by Cannonball Taffy O'Jones November 12, 2009
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A fart that is so stank that it causes choking action.
by Sykus January 28, 2011
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A tall dark figure played by David Prowse, the coolest sith ever.
Why do I suddenly feel like running an a field?
by Slough in a Shoe September 24, 2003
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