1: a treat used too reward an obedient dog/cat/veloceraptor when they perform a trick or do something entertaining such as:
-Roll over
-Play dead
-Cut open you friend's chest with their claws

Comes in a variety of flavors/shapes/genders.

2: a command word, issued in a high pitch voice, that gets higher in the middle AU of the word. Best done next to one's ear.
CAUTION: can cause destructive behavior if said to those that are affected by such a word.
Hutch: GRRRRAAAHHHH!!!!!(rampage ensues)
by Mr. Fields May 08, 2005
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A dog snack you usually use to reward your dog for doing something good like sitting, going to the bathroom outside, and rolloing over. Many humans enjoy snausages as well.
snausages are the shit.
by DizzyLizzy May 31, 2006
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A snack sized sausage. Usuaully seen at holiday parties and receptions, often with a toothpick in it.
Oh man, I feel so ill, I should not have eaten so many of those snausages.
by WadeB December 11, 2006
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A little black Scottish Terrier, named Dog Vader, that causes havoc, mayhem, and chaos. He will not listen to anyone but dad. Likes to run off at warp speed.....and just before he disappears over the hill......looks at mom and screams "FUCK YOU!!!" in dog language......and then continues running off at warp speed.
Vader sitting in the middle of the yard.
Mom: Vader......get over here!!
Vader runs at warp speed up the hill with mom chasing him.
Mom returns 15 minutes later sweaty, dirty, and pissed off.
Dad walks outside: Where is Vader?
Mom: That little fucking snausage ran off!!!
Dad: (calling in a medium tone) VADER!!
Vader pops out of the bushes beside dad like he was there the whole time.
by ErthBndMsft September 25, 2013
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A dude whose sexuality is questionable, even if he is dating a female, married or has children.
"Hey man, I think that guy Mike is a pole smoker."

"No way dude... he is married and has a kid..."

"It doesnt matter... he is still a total snausage."
by SomeDudeFromWork August 06, 2003
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