Origins: Lewis Carroll's "The Hunting of the Snark" (1874)

Witty sarcasm, used to belittle someone or something without becoming ad hominem. Also used to describe practical jokes of a particularly funny and sabotaging kind.
He was so snarky in his review of the movie, I lol'd, but the fanbois got butthurt.
by mlorrey December 16, 2009
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A word created by combining of sneaky and saracasm. You definetly watching too much Dane Cook - but seriously, how much is REALLY too much?
by Mia17 April 30, 2007
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Snarky refers to a concise, clever comment that's referential to something. It's normally jagged, like sarcasm, but it involves more creative thinking than a sarcastic comment does. It can be in reference to something from popular culture, or a turn-of-the-phrase that creates something original from it's source material.
You're sitting on an airplane, with a family full of annoying young children seated behind you, who are kicking your chair, being noisy and generally irritating...

You turn to the person seated next to you, and say in a snarky fashion:

"Hell is other people's children."
by Mr Memetic May 16, 2007
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words that are intended to both impress and belittle someone at the same time; haughty
Hipsters relish the use of snarky commentary to appear more cerebral than pedestrian, main-stream types.
by firedancer22 July 14, 2005
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