snark¡¤y -- Pronunciation snahr-kee
adjective, snark¡¤i¡¤er, snark¡¤i¡¤est.

Chiefly British Slang. Testy or irritable; irascible.
Sarcastic or disrespectful; snide.
Sarcastic humor.
"He was being very snarky with me. Yeah, snarky. Its a word. Google it." - Dane Cook

Also a girl on Myspace and OkCupid defines herself as being snarky and she is actually pretty funny in a sarcastic way so its fitting of her too.
by steviegreen March 06, 2007
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witty, also being sarcastic and cynical. The definition of Shim Changmin from DBSK
Changmin's smirk was so snarky...
by boojae21 May 11, 2008
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A euphemism for "mean" and / or "scathingly sarcastic" that purports to render innocuous and socially acceptable what are in reality very rude and inconsiderate comments.
When I told Sandy that her face was garbage, I wasn't actually being mean and bitingly sarcastic, I was being *snarky,* so it's totally okay.
by myomyq November 23, 2010
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