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Person 1: Dude i got laid 9 times last night by all those hot brazilian chicks.

Person 2: Relish. Dude that's so relish.

Person 1: Yeah. now suck my balls.
by BLTandFUCKFACE December 21, 2009
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"Did you see her?!? She was RELISHING in that cheeseburger"

"You better RELISH in your summer vacation"

"He RELISHED in flirting with 5 girls last night"
by relisher100 November 25, 2011
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marijuana, weed, possibly already broken up, ready to get rolled up into chronic dubs and snubbed out to broken roaches leavin blokes all toasted and most still chokin on clouds they ghosted
pass the relish, roll that up
by Matt Hume November 24, 2004
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Sharon: *wears a sparkly pink dress to church*
Ariane: Omg sharon that's a little bit too relish for church!
by Fake it till you make it February 29, 2016
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The overuse of meaningless adjectives or phrases to upsale or highlight something of no real value or difference. Most often used by advertising, Real estate agents, TV shows, salesstaff and snobs. Embellished Language used to make something appear more trendy, stylish, upscale or tasteful than it really is. Relishing is to repeat such phrases to show to freinds or take out of context revealing that meaning and correct use isn't known.
Joe asked Sophie the difference between an oasis master retreat and a master bedroom, besides relish.

While showing off her remodel, Sophie relished HVAC as "H vac".

Chocolate brown is just relish for chocolate.
by joeblowed March 05, 2008
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A disgusting splat splishy sound that the pussy makes when a man pounds that pussy raw.
I pounded that pussy so much last night. It went from tight to relish.
by Andrew & Adam February 14, 2005
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