best known for it's use or misuse.

1.)verbal abuse to shock and awe.
possibly sexual in nature,
but than again... what word is not.

2.)used to draw your attention away from an issue at hand to something odd or interesting. aka the news

see examples:
I have your snarky right here.

I would like to snarky you...
in the am and in the pm or just plain snarky all day.
I love to snarky you all night.

snarky, I think thats a great name.
Lets make a little snarky of our own.

we can turn it into a movie
get snarky, or saving snarky,
what the snarky.... could be the winner though.
during filming the cast must all be stark naked for snarky to happen.

Its not your ear that I want to snarky in.

"snarky" dover
by jamesdover December 22, 2006
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A bitchy sarcasim I googled that shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Someone at leasts that annoys you snarky
by kId April 7, 2008
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being covered in a large group of exploding Snarks whilst playing Half-Life.
also, a Half-Life player who uses lots of Snarks whilst playing online.
"there was an awfully snarky fellow on the other team, all he used were the damn snarks!"
by NSimon March 27, 2007
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Yet another ghastly Americanism. Created by certain members of the relatively small American educated class in an attempt to sound cleverer than they actually are.
snarky: The boring British pedant spat out his tea in disgust and wrote a (cynical and sarcastic) comment in protest.
by pauls32822 May 3, 2009
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Snarky is a made up word invented by American gangster Al "Scarface" Capone. He used it to describe anything he thought was "cool" or stylish.
Capone would often dress to the hilt and look at himself in the mirror remarking "yeah, that's snarky," or "Damn, I look snarky today."
by Mada Notelpats May 14, 2008
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snarky or snarkiness first appeared on an episode of veronica mars.
Was that snarky enough for you?
by snarkywayyss April 4, 2007
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Mack's general demeanor; curmudgeonly
Quit being so snarky!
by Aubrie March 12, 2007
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