The art of conveying the assholeishness, fuckery, or stupidity of someone or something without using profanities, insults or big words.
Example: "The Urban Dictionary is a resource I can turn to when a snarky and otherwise useless definition is required."
by Snarky_Cyclist October 16, 2022
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Something a certain somebody would instigate to get the other on bad vibes
It's not underneath behind you..don't look around!
What? Shut up being snarky
What's that?
by Wowthatsblurry July 2, 2020
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To be struck poignantly with a snarky, or clever, remark.

A zinger.
The legal runner snarky-chopped the law firm receptionist with his quick wit of things that are cool.
by snarkymarky July 20, 2009
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like Mean Girls, but ultra-mega rad and "alternative," except that they're actually just giant losers with good clothes.
- "Those six chicks sure are snarky..."
- "The Snarky Six? Yeah, dude, they're like hot..but they know it. You know?"
- "True dat, but they sure know their shit about eyeshadow pallets"
- "For sure"
- "Bitches"
by nbhs-witness March 3, 2014
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Yisette: She's super snarky and always insults people!
Grandpa: Are you sure 'super snarky' is proper English?
by MissHufflepuff November 18, 2018
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