The most dangerous creature in all the animal kingdom. A combination Shark-Snake (Snark) with a wingspan of over 8 feet! The Snark is capable of flying at speeds of up to 86.5 miles per hour, reaching altitudes greater than 15,000 feet. With its telescopic eyesight, it is able to locate prey from above 10,000 feet above its hunting grounds. The snark feeds primarily in coastal locations, but has been known to venture inland in search of prey. Feeds primarily on unsuspecting children, but is capable of taking down a full sized adult human. Also the Snark seems to have a taste for midgets (it is not known why at this time, but research is ongoing. Some scientists believe the excrete a pungent odor that attracts female Snarks in heat, while others speculate they have a "sweet tasting flesh.") The only defense against an attacking Snark is to run to the nearest Marine for help, they are defenseless against Marines. Though it has been said that Snarks are able to burrow underground, these "rumors" are unfounded.
The snark ate your baby!, Did you see the size of that snark?
by Ryan CH July 31, 2011
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one who creates awkward moments, for their own pleasure.
your such a snark mattie, i cant believe u did that.
by terra smith December 30, 2011
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The sneaky cop act of staking out a full bar at 2 a.m. to facilitate DUI arrests... a combination of sneaky-shark-parking, originating across the street from Boar's Crossin' in Carlsbad, California. You've been warned.
I didn't even get to turn the key before Officer Bob Snarked me
by beerlawyer March 11, 2010
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A smart ass remark made by wanna be hipsters who think they cloak their douchebaggery in a self important sense of fey cleverness and ironic witticism.

Usually those who make "snarky" remarks , can expect to receive a punch to the face , which usually results in cries of injustice, inevitably leading to an apology for bleeding all over the aggressors shirt after being punched again for being a whiny little bitch.

That hipster douchebag made some snarky remark , so I punched him in his skinny pants face. He started crying so I hit him again, then he apologized for bleeding all over my shirt like the little bitch he is.
by VousEnculez April 16, 2009
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A snark is an alien creature in the popular game "Half Life". It attacks any life form on sight and is relentless. killing them with a weapon is the only way to stop them before they kill you. They can sometimes be used by an opponent in a deathmatch against you.
I'm being attacked by snarks! Too many to shoot, gotta run for a ladder to get away from them!!!
by Ric C May 23, 2005
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A often-overused phrase that originally meant a loving, yet evil kind of sarcasm. Now, spreading like crabs at a whorehouse to even the real world, it signifies the horrifying end of real humor as we know it.
OMG! They said "Snark" on Entertainment Tonight!! Oooh, snap! Shout-out!
by AfterBirth April 15, 2006
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