When a noob needs somebody to share their apartment with. Common misspelling of "sublet"
Yo homez wanna subtlety my apartment this weekend?
by MC WIZARDRY July 27, 2010
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n. an attempt to show-off something, yet tries to make it look as though they are not doing so; a purposely feeble and obvious attempt at modesty in order to flaunt one's advantages over another without looking cocky.
adj. paradoxically subtle.
Ex. 1
Alex: Oh you have that class too? Wasn't that test hard?
Marvin: Yeah.
Alex: Yeah, I know huh? I only got an A-.
Marvin: No one asked you. You know, your paradoxical subtlety is really annoying.

Ex. 2
Dave: Someone's iPod earphones just latched onto my backpack on my way to class.
Anthony: Oh really? Those earphones are probably better than the ones that came with my new mp3 player. *takes out mp3 player and shows it off*
by supernintendo_chalmers February 21, 2006
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