Homey A: "Ayo, where the fuck was you last night??"
Homey B: "I went back to the crib and got twisted!"
Homey A: "Why didn't you hit a brother up? I was bored as a motherfucker, dick!"
Homey B: "My bad, my bad. Cop about 40 bones, and tonight we'll saddle up and go horse riding."
Homey A: "Weeeeeeerrrrrrrd son! I'm there fasho!"
by don of marmet August 21, 2007
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the act of having sex with a girl that looks like a horse.
guy 1: yo dude what do you think of samantha?
guy 2: i was actually horse riding her the other night so...
by horsaphile July 30, 2012
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The act of fighting with a friend and then proceeding to take him/her down and sitting/bouncing up and down on them while yelling "ride a horsy, ride a horsy"
"Come on jonny fight him
No way! He always gets mad when i horse ride him and that's the only way i win."
by jonnyjohnjoe June 19, 2011
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horse riding is an activity NOT a sport. If you find any other information it is FAKE NEWS
person 1: oh horse riding is not a sport

person 2: yeh it’s activity
by void gender April 23, 2020
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to ride a horse without a saddle sitting bare on their back.
I went bareback horse riding today on a horse
by rosebudford June 30, 2017
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A sexual position, a man has sex with a woman (or a hairy man) from behind. He pulls her hairs with the right hand as a cowboy on his horse's bridle, and, with the left hand, alternates between strangulation and gagging on her mouth, preventing her from yelling.
Also known as simulated rape
-You gave me an amazing dumb horse riding the other night at tom's home!
by cinzano January 21, 2009
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