a little red monster bug thing that chases you and attacks you untill you blow it away or it explodes due to over-excitement, makes a funny chirping sound, comes from snark nests
ahhhhh snarks!! run!! there's too many and i only got a gauss gun!!
by hex_ten December 10, 2003
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Use up all your snark for the week on that bitch and teach her a fucking lesson!
by Boss33 June 05, 2010
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Mysterious or unknown, possibly non-existent, bug in a process, system or software that manifests in an unclear or inconsistent manner; difficult to confirm or track down, like hunting a snipe.
Some bugs you can search for before ever releasing the program, and some you can catch during beta-testing, but a snark just has to be experienced by a user.
by lb2nz November 03, 2005
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To grab, to snatch, to steal legally. See also "yoink" and "gank".
by CallistaZM December 19, 2006
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One who sits in their bathwater, farts, then snaps at the bubbles with their mouth.
Make sure he takes a shower, he's a snark. If he takes a bath he'll be farting and snapping at the bubbles for hours.
by ABBent September 11, 2011
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A small portion of anything. Less than a tad, but more than a scoche.
Can I get just a snark more soda in this glass, please? Toodles.
by Alex P. Smith November 02, 2007
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an abriviation for Snotty, (k)Now-it-all, Annoying, Rotten, Kids

it was used a lot to descibe campers at an english horse riding summer camp
Those campers last week were such snarks!
by Super Geek November 09, 2005
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