a place where parents send their children summer after summer. usually the place where a child experiences their first kiss, first boyfriend/girlfriend, lots of firsts. a place where everyone is your bestfriend, all the counselors are your family, and you trust everyone. a place where there are no secrets, everyone knows everything.
Jenny: What are you up to this summer?
Jenny: Oh. I wish i was going to summer camp.
by foooool May 9, 2006
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A place where parents send their kids to get rid of them and be happy.
A place where kids get tortured.
parents like sending them their so they can see their kids crying when they have to go to a camp they dont want to go because it gives them happiness to see them cry
They watched her go to a summer camp
by SMFMlol.14 February 6, 2016
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Summer camp is code (when you're in public) for lost time due to incarceration or mental health issues, both prisons and psych wards offer activities that resemble summer camp as a child.
Him: Where did you learn how to write so well and meditate? You're amazing!
Me: I thought I told you. I learned in summer camp.
by Siouxsie Supertramp November 11, 2019
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When a girl or woman allows a man to touch her breasts and/or vagina, but does not have sex with him because she only just met him. The origin is a reference to summer camp experiences where young girls have their first sexual contact.
(Two girls talking) Girl 1: "Hey girl I saw you talking with Oliver at the Bootsy Collins show last night, did you two go all the way?", Girl 2: "Nah, I just let him get some Summer Camp"
by ollie boombayay March 22, 2011
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When pence is president and he sends all the gays to “summer camp
by J I M M Y S L I M January 23, 2020
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Summer camp is a place you send your kids to get treated terribly. They come back home all traumatized and quiet so that they don't shout as much. It's commonly used as a threat by a parent to make their child obey their orders. It's basically modern-day child neglect.
PARENT: Shut up or I'll send you to summer camp!
by v1vdefineswords May 15, 2021
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Developing an attraction, when confined and secluded to a small group, to someone you would not normally look at outside of the group. Also occurs in at school, in work places and on tour buses.
"Jimbo is totally not my type, but he's the cutest one here, so why not?"

"Ew. You've got summer camp syndrome."
by girlbot August 11, 2009
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