To steal something with deft and subtlety, or to steal the last item of a group
I was going to eat my last SnackPack, but Kevin snarked it already, that bastard.


Check out this martini glass I snarked from the bar, I had to hide it under my shirt to get it out of there.
by Verno July 08, 2005
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The action of licking another person's belly button. Commonly regarded as super weird, gross, and tickly.
-"They snarked all night long."
-"Oh my God, gross."
by I<3Liam! October 20, 2010
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the hump-like space between one's balls and anus
"I try to keep myself well-groomed, but it's really hard to shave a snark!"
by R&B December 30, 2005
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Someone who has a cold or a stuffed up nose, and instead of blowing it, they sniff it back into their throat, making a snarking sound
"I have a cold", Kelley said as she snarked back a wad of snot and phlegm
by Earache March 29, 2004
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synonym for slobber, spit, or saliva. Snark is produced in large quantities by large breed dogs and babies.
That big dog jumped up on me and I got covered in snark!

My baby sister's shirt was soaked with baby snark.
by Beni December 20, 2005
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A very dangerous body movement preformed at 8:08 pm and/or 2:11 am
I don't think any of us will survive after Harold snark's at 2:11
by Alexis aka creator of SNARK January 04, 2009
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when you are getting a blow job and when you cut loose you poe/punch the bitch in the rib cage. If properly executed, jiz will shoot out her nose and she will make the noise- SNARK(a perfect snark will have her jumping in circles, one hand to her face and the other waving frantically for some unknown reason.
That hooters chick- I was fucking her face and I snarked her. Then I convinced the dumb cunt it was a accident. I probably wont be able to pull that twice, but I will try.
by Mark 47 February 24, 2008
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