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Greek - six
1. n.An evil curse or spell
2. prefix meaning six
3. v.To charm or cast a spell upon
4. A six pack of anything
5. Short for hexadecimal, a code which has the base 16 1-10-A-F
1.The kid got hexed
2.hexose - 6c sugar
3.Don't make me hex you!
4.wanna hex of beer?
by hex_ten November 23, 2003

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a skr1p7 k1dd13
1. usually a "h0tm41L h4X0r" or Cs h4X0r, see hax0r
2. a little biatch that thinks he can code but can't
3. a wanna be hacker that thinks he's leet cause he saw you type in your password and uses it to look up "pr0n"
stupid skript kiddie!! take those hax off and aim with the mouse like everyone else!!
by hex_ten November 23, 2003

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Mr Tism: means 'alot of crap', fool
enough jibba jabba, fool!
you talking a whole load o' jibba jabba!
by hex_ten November 23, 2003

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1. a waste of code designed to turn good games (like CS, dod) into piles of shit,
2. the worst way to update games,
3. a REALLY bad idea,
4. a way of getting 56k players off half-life in the hope to reduce lag but because of the fuckups in code its laggy with more than 4 people playing on a server,
5. what you get if you fart on a cold day
steam is made for valves to laugh at
by hex_ten November 23, 2003

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A sport or game where the opponents are legally allowed to draw blood, severely injure or kill the opponent as the objective of the sport.
Fox hunting and deathmatch are GREAT examples of bloodsport, unfortunatley you can only lose once, shame.
by hex_ten January 21, 2005

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When one passes a phrase through the babelfish one or more times until it ceases to make any literal sense and instead sounds like some heavy metaphorical explanation.

The example was babelfucked with japanese twice
Until it finishes to make, when transferring the time of one or more to phrase, through 1 Tsuga babelfish in feeling of which letter heavily as in figurative explanation being audible to substituting.

When that, the time being one or more, in order to make, it moves to phrase heavily in as the figurative explanation which is audible in letter substitution through babelfish of one Tsuga of feeling, until it ends.
by hex_ten February 05, 2005

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when one has had a case of vodka ones speach is far from perfect, we say it is slurred
gish ush anover bottle of vod..vod...vod...stuff
by hex_ten May 16, 2004

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