slang synonyms:
awesome, cool, sick, dope, sweet
Mario: Did you check out the moves I had to bust out to get that 1-up?
Luigi: Ya man, that was pretty deft.
by mr bacardi January 13, 2012
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Aye yo! That move was deft.
by Jim Finesse September 1, 2015
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Pun or mondegreen for death-defying.

Consider that "death-defying" is an adjective for a stunt or action that should kill you, but you escape (defy) death.

Deft: skilled in movement, especially of the hands.
Defy: oppose, resist, challenge, or refuse to submit.

You can see why "deft defying" doesn't make much sense. Taken literally, "deft defying" could be used to describe someone that is skilled at opposition or physical resistance, as in "defying deftly".

If hyphenated to become an adjective, "deft-defying" could be used to describe someone either unskilled on purpose, or should be skilled and is not.
"That PETA arsonist did some deft defying in the hospital he burned down. Must have been difficult pushing through all those sick people to get out before it was too late, but that's less people benefiting from animal testing I guess."

"I tried that new masseuse... oh man, her massage was deft-defying. She needs to practice; I was sore for a week."

"Did you catch my deft-defying gaming skills to let my little brother beat me in Mortal Kombat? He doesn't know it, but I like letting him think he won fair and square."

"Did you just call that jump deft defying? Don't you mean death-defying? And it was only off the garage -- you wouldn't die from landing twelve feet, dude. You're an ass."
by Coell March 22, 2006
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Science and art of arousing interest from the opposite sex with extreme cunning
Did see that, all he just looked her and she walked over. That my friend is deft gamesmanship
by thedeftgamer December 6, 2011
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deft (děft): dexterous; skillful; clever
tyro (tī'rō): beginner; initiate; novice
ceo of campany: reyna is a new associate with our company she's quite a deft-tyro.

tl: so she'll be quite an asset, i'll be happy to work with her.
by [reysofsunshine] October 23, 2009
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1. a weapon found in the popular computer game "world of warcraft".

2. the best band EVER.
rofl, i r teh haxor, i just stabbed you with my deft stiletto!

the band?

by a clever little boy January 8, 2008
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The act or state of being both dextrous and bumbling at the same time, or in close succession; performing a blunder, immediately followed by an impressive act of agility.
His glasses flew from his hand as he wildly gesticulated his point, yet he managed to swoop down and catch them before they hit the ground.

"Deft and clumsy at the same time" remarked his colleague, smirking.
by E_XIII November 10, 2012
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