I don't know where she is. I'll try to track her down. I'll track down her for you.
by M.Kh September 27, 2017
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someone with whom you are previously unfamiliar make the news for a brave or heroic act. This act moves you to such an extent that you furiously search them down in Instagram the next chance you get and like the fuck out of their pics, provide hands up emoji comments, go mercenary and shout down a few trolls while you are there and thrust yourself into any controversial fray. maybe even giving the person a merit follow. check them on Wikipedia first to make sure they dont wear fur etc
girl: ugh, I just read on page 6 how she stood up to that awful mans even when she knew he’d come after her!
other girl: I know, I just gave her some track down ig love bitch
by williet hughnot December 19, 2019
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