The drum in band class that everyone wants to play yet only one or two people can actually play it without messing up the band and making the entire percussion section look bad.
Sucky Drummer: Dude I got snare drum for this song
Good Drummer: Fine, just don't fuck up
Sucky Drummer: *Fucks up*
by Xythin February 22, 2010
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an instrument in the drumline that almost EVERYBODY wants to play. The drummers of these items usually are the cockiest and/or craziest guys in the line and their school, but their drum is always the only one on the field you can hear, so they have a right to be.
that one drum that's not vertical but is at times tilted to the drummer's right is a snare drum.
by drumline February 24, 2006
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can be a single drum, but can also be part of a drum kit. the loudest in a drumline/band and has a frigen awesome sound, sounds better if there is more that 1 of them.
'that drumline sounds awesome, you can hear the snare drums, there pretty good'
by c to tha motherfukin b January 6, 2008
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a tight asshole, that is reminescent of the tightness of a snare drum
that girls ass hole was as tight as a snare drum
by Quaginkrantz October 30, 2006
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To grab somebody, usually a person of the opposite sex, by the back of the head and press their face such that their nose is firmly sealed against your asshole. You then break wind, making a "snare drum" sensation that is pleasant for both parties.
Guy 1: Why does Cindy's have shit in her nostrils?

Guy 2: You didn't hear? We were pounding that loud-ass snare drum all night long.

Guy 1: Sweet-ass dude. I'm happy for both of you.
by Brandon March 23, 2004
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Farting on someone’s bare belly.
I was laying out getting a tan at the beach when some weirdo plopped down on my belly and quickly gave me a smelly snare drum.
by Justbsayin February 25, 2023
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Having the threesome with two skinny chicks on a trampoline.
"Dude last night I ran a snare drum with Carrissa and lexi!"
by JustAnotherWhiteBoy October 13, 2020
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