those guys in the back that have what may be the hardest job but get little/no recognition along with the bassist while the guitarists and lead singers take all the credit
1) Drummers are People too
2) Buddy Rich, Tre Cool, and Tommy Aldridge should rule that world
3) Dude1: Who the fuck is the drummer for that band
Dude2: Who fucking cares
by Chode Master God November 23, 2004
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Comes from the musical instument (Drums) played by the member of a band, usually sits at the back of the stage. Without this godlike creature there would be no rythem to the music and havoc would incurr.

Plays with the precise action that only a master craftsman can obtain. Thats right, with sticks. Only people with the right personality combination can become a drummer. That person blessed will also probably have to owm some sort of 'kit' to play with. And although guitarists are cool, there're one-hundred a penny. Sadly.
by Han April 2, 2005
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A drummer is a person who belongs in a band, and along with the bassist, tends to be unappreciated. As the prime majority of the "band curse" the drummer is ususally the first member of a band to leave or be kicked out. Usually responsible for keeping beat and band in line. Without a drummer, the band is lost.
Guitarist: I'm so cool Ive got straigt F's and I don't know how to read my music, but i'm the best known and the richest.
Singer: I'm not so cool I can read music but dont play and insturment, I am pretyer than the guitarist.
Bassist: No one knows my name but me and the drummer are best freinds and the band depends on us to keep them on the right line.
Drummer: Me and the bassist pay the bills, find the gigs, and are never given any credit for being in the band.
by Random useless voices February 20, 2006
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The coolest person or group of people in any band or orchestra

By far one of the funniest but also the hardest instrument to play
And sadly most drummers are almost never recognized its only the vocalist. John Bonham, and Dennis Chambers are awesome drummers
"Hey was that you playing the drums?"
"Yah, it's a lot of fun"
"You sound like an awesome guy, the band is nothing without you"
"Well I guess I just love being one of the drummers"
by Drumin all day January 1, 2013
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A drummer is someone who gets a lot of stereotypes. People assume that Drummers are dumb people with no musical talent. When in reality, drums are the backbone of most music. Drummers keep time and keep the beat going. Drummers also do have a lot of musical talent. It takes a lot of coordination to be a good drummer. They also have to be able to feel the music. And yes I am a drummer :-P
Dumbass: haha you're just a stupid drummer with no talent.
Drummer: Oh yeah you try playing the drums
Dumbass: Ahh crap i can't do it. Well you're still dumb.
Drummer: Which is why you're failing more classes than me right?
by MASSIVE LOAF June 30, 2004
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Someone who plays the drums. Male drummers are commonly looked upon negatively by most other males, and positively by females. Oddly enough, though, these females who are in to drummers rarely act on their compulsion. As for female drummers, they are too rarely in the public eye to get accurate statistics. Also, drummers are notorious for being in as little clothing as one can possibly get away with at any given time. Many believe this to be due to the extreme effort put forth by a good drummer, as they get quite hot and sweaty, also one possible reason for the female reaction, but this theory is discredited by the common case in which this anti-clothing behavior is carried over in to offstage life, such as public appearances and music videos. (see Tony Kanal, of No Doubt)There are many who would speculate wether this anti-clothing behavior carries over to females as well, but there is presently very little available data on the subject. For the most part, female drummers are known to behave like farely normal women, only recieving the personality traits of a drummer and little of the outward behavior. This is mostly speculation, though, for, as was said, there is little data on the subject.
Though there is little data on the subject, I'm sure Data would love to be all over some female drummers.
by D351 January 26, 2007
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