Gove me a smooch
by Alexius November 7, 2003
Smooching is like eating ass but instead it’s with a face
i wAn smooch
by eatassskatefast December 28, 2019
smooch is what a guy does to another dude's asshole if he's trying to give him a randy rim-job.
Matt sometimes tells me to smooch his asshole when he wants me to kiss his ass.
by USAF Cadet June 13, 2021
to be gay
tom: aye joe u gotta big booty!!!

joe: aye bro you a smooch ass nigga
by roosh steele November 17, 2011
to rub your genitals on someone vigourasly
yo dog, I smooched your mumma's face last night and she was like "oh thats good smooching"
by louis April 26, 2005
"If I wear crotchless panties one could see my smooch on full display"
by Amy January 12, 2005
Someone how is an easy lay.
Ben: Damn, what a smooch!

The Smooch: Want a quick blow?
by Paradisum February 22, 2022