smooch is what a guy does to another dude's asshole if he's trying to give him a randy rim-job.
Matt sometimes tells me to smooch his asshole when he wants me to kiss his ass.
by USAF Cadet June 13, 2021
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to be gay
tom: aye joe u gotta big booty!!!

joe: aye bro you a smooch ass nigga
by roosh steele November 16, 2011
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to rub your genitals on someone vigourasly
yo dog, I smooched your mumma's face last night and she was like "oh thats good smooching"
by louis April 26, 2005
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To wildly kiss someone. Usually done before two pomed up babes get naked and pj each other.
Calvin: we dont like women remember?
Hobbes: who do we smooch then?
From Calvin and Hobbes by watterson.

Son: no mom I'm busy smooching with my gf.
by Maxinside March 14, 2014
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