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Man or woman who tries to romantically be with you
for the purpose of freeloading
I broke up with her because she was a {smoocher}

,, what a {smooch}, can you believe that?

Never again will i date a {Smooch}.

She tried to move in to my apartment pretending to be my girlfriend to live off of my $,,, what a {smooch}
by UCANTCMESBG March 24, 2011
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The (smoker) mooch.

- "That guy/girl" who is mildly addicted to cigarettes but hangs out with other smokers enough that he/she never buys a pack of his/her own while successfully and consistently bumming one (successful until the fine line is reached).

- The pothead who never buys a sack of his/her own (out of pure frugality) because his/her friends are all happy-go-lucky potheads who don't give a damn about sharing so he/she constantly gets high for free (almost always successful).

Unless the friend/friends are altruistically generous, it is only a matter of time until the friend/friends snap(s) and cusses the smooch out for being a frugal jew.

(Note: the smooch is never successful when the smoking material is either meth, crack, or heroin).
"Yo buddy can I bum a smoke?"

*two days later*

"Hey man can I get another cig? Or two? Or three?"
"Dude. It's like six dollars a pack you fucking smooch."

"Uh guys; since I don't have any chronic of my own..."
"Surreee man, we'll smoke you down! We're real chill about that kind of stuff. I mean, life is about giving and loving, you know?"
by AnnArbor4life September 16, 2009
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Sloppy kisses not with the mouth lips, but with the labial lips. The smooch’s target is usually the cheek of the face or, for special occasions, the cheek of the butt.
Ben: Sally and I made a real connection on our last date. I think she might be the one.

Sam: Why do you say that?

Ben: Last night, she gave me lots of smooches.

Sam: You lucky bastard.
by kittyboss/zachnasty October 26, 2005
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to rub your genitals on someone vigourasly
yo dog, I smooched your mumma's face last night and she was like "oh thats good smooching"
by louis April 26, 2005
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