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Check out that smokin' milf! I'd like to get a taste of her whisker biscuit...
by crankshaft March 12, 2004
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slang for a womans vagina,with 1-2 days worth of stubble, nonetheless a tasty treat.

"Damn my face is raw today, I was eatin a bitch out and her whisker biscuit tore the shit out of my face."
by Tank178 October 06, 2005
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I bet you she's got a damn good-lookin whisker biscuit when she takes those little panties off.
by Claude Henry Smoot November 27, 2002
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Man that girl Amy really likes it when I put my beef sock into her whisker biscuit.
by SheckieZx May 02, 2010
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the muff, a woman's crotch, usually with pubic hair, the bush
The old bag came parading out of the bathroom wearing nothing more than her whisker biscuit.
by costinalot September 10, 2010
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A vagina that is swollen, quivering, dripping, soft,pale, yet blushing, and fully blanketed with pubic hair.
"whisker biscuit" can only be described as Whoopie Goldbergs head.
by Jason Dunaway and or JDUN August 30, 2008
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