When The lips of a vagina are particularly large, looking like a slab of Schwartz's smoked meat.
"I heard that Massé's girl has the worst smoke meat on the shore."
by ElvisWong January 14, 2009
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n. A penis the size of a ciggarette. To have a smoke meat. Uses include insults from afar, relief for a bad day etc.
"Hey, smokemeat, shut your fucking face!"

You: hey baby, wanna see my penis?
Your date: Holy shit! Its a smokemeat!! aww, its so cute.
by P-Niss November 29, 2004
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When a male has a extremely under average penis

usually ranging to be 1-2 inches, and is constantly picked on

In some cases a female with an abnormaly above average Clitoris size

can also bean appropriate use for this term
Gay fish 1: Dude that ryan kid has a Smoke meat!!

Gay fish 2: I know I saw him walking by in the lockeroom, he's got a tic- tac In between his legs!!

Gay fish 1:haha lets pick on him like we did to logan!!
by T>H>O>M>A>S June 02, 2009
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