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The act of sliding the penis between the butt cheeks repeatedly, in a similar fashion to titty fucking.
I was nailing this chick, then I turned her around and totally fed her a smoked meat sandwich!
by Scott vanD October 26, 2008
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A sandwich that "1337 5p43k3rz" eat. Lol. For "pr0 g4m3r0x0rz" only.
ZOMG I PWN3D THIS n00b th3n I w3n7 2 937 a w311 1337 smukk3d m33t s4n!3 LOL!!!!11!ONE!111!!! BOOM! HEADSh0t! T3h 1337 s4n!

In english:
Oh my god I beat this new player at a game then I went to get a very elite smoked meat sandwich. Haha. Bang I shot you in the head.
by j03 !nf3rn0 June 24, 2006
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