An abbreviation for Massachusetts used by locals because none of us can spell it.
Yeah I'm from Mass.
by Saint Botto December 2, 2008
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The Singular, Redemptive, Eternal, and Expiatory Sacrifice of Christ on Calvary being made present on the Altar of Sacrifice. The Mass is re-presentation what he offered to the Eternal Father 2000 years ago in a far corner of the earth and applying the fruits and merits to you in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Eucharist.
I am going to go to Mass.
by catholicboy February 14, 2016
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1. the amount of matter something consists of
2. relating to the masses, that is, of large numbers of people
3. a Catholic religious ceremony
1. Do you know the mass of an wordelectron?
2. There was a mass demonstration against the war.
3. I've been to Mass twice, and I'm not even Catholic.
by zachwolff October 20, 2003
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A noun commonly referring to large amounts of muscle, often the result of weight training. Mass can suggest both heavy lean and bulk muscle.
John put on some serious mass!
by NewGD October 2, 2011
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Mass is how much matter is in an object. Please not this is a scientific definition and mass does not mean weight. Weight means how much force is acting on an object due to gravity.
My mass is 50kg
by Physics defenitions December 29, 2021
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Mass(adj):Greatly, Completely, Totally
Dude that was mass wordpwnage/word!
by Midas September 17, 2003
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Shortened term for “My Assmeaning me or I.
“Mass is so tired, I’m going to bed
by The Dictionary of Bowdy May 25, 2020
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