1. The ~ Limited, an extinct luxury train from New York to Chicago.
2. Hell on Earth, 1900-1999, or 1901-2000, for would-be purists.
In the Twentieth Century fools prated of progress, and mass murder was an athletic event.
by Octopod November 8, 2003
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A public restroom missing so much as ONE of these 21st century features:
1. Infrared automatic faucets that stay on as long as you are moving your hands
2. Automatic hand dryer and/or automatic paper towels
3. Self flushing toilet/urinal
4. Automatic soap
Don't go in that McDonalds down the street if you have 7 year diarrhea, they only have a twentieth century bathroom.
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When you want to get DOWN to some jazz but you ain't got Spotify Premium so you gotta wait for that good shit on your playlist.
"Damn man, it's a shame I can't get down tonight. I've got some Twentieth Century Blues."
by FranzFerdinand1914 January 15, 2020
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