1. A device that will send out a loud alarm when triggered by the presence of smoke, though many people no longer regard the warning as an actual warning
*beep! beep! beep! beep! beep!*

--Dude, the smoke detector just went off!

--What's that mean!

--Nothing, I guess. Maybe someone overcooked a slice of bacon somewhere.


*house burns down*
by idonthavaname August 14, 2006
A device in your house that beeps when it detects smoke. It goes off when your toast starts to burn. Every house should have atleast one smoke detector.
If you don't have a smoke detector it would be a good idea to get one.
by David March 8, 2004
A device, typically used within Fire Safety, to warn of smoke.
Smoke detectors are required in all levels of a house, including basements and locations where someone may sleep.
by Trainguy15 June 11, 2021
a woman who is in utter denial of her husband's homosexuality and who covers for him when he begins to spark or flame.
Gay Sales Associate: Are you two finding everything ok?
Husband Shopper: These chinos are fabulous! Can you give me a hand with them in the fitting room?
Wife Shopper: (grips husband's hand and says): We're fine thanks.
<Inside Sales Associate's head: Chinos? Fabulous? That guy's a fire hazard, and I think his smoke detector needs to check her batteries.>
by tac6923 November 10, 2007
Someone who always shows up right after you spark the endo.

Snoop Dogg in Half Baked is a good example of a smoke detector.
"Shit nigga, I can smell that chronic, lets get a puff"

"yo fuck you mufuckin smoke detector motherfucker"
by Nategeezy October 30, 2007