house, it rhymes with shizzle and nizzle.
Fo shizzle, get up out dis hizzle.
by Tweak November 29, 2002
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House, Home, Where you live, Domicile
"What be the shizzle at the hizzle, my nizzle?"

Translation: "What's happening at your house, my friend?"
by Tobias January 19, 2004
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hizzle: common ebonics term used by emcees for "house" or alternately, "hook"
by MC Bellaire May 19, 2003
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Slang for house. Often used by those described as pimping and/or ghetto.
My hizzle is the shizzle, y'all!
Party up in my hizzle!
Wanna go see my pimping new hizzle?
by Chantal Charisse July 28, 2004
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hizzle is used by snoop dogg it means house
sup dizzle, lets chizzle in the hizzle fo'shizzle
by snoop September 9, 2003
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taken from the 'rappin' human twiglet, snoop dogg, and his new version of the english language, it is believed to mean 'hook'.
can be heard in all its absurd glory on the new john legend album 'get lifted' on a track entitled 'i can change' which features a surprisingly understandable and almost meaningful guest verse from the doggfather himself.

see also fo' shizzle my nizzle and other such nonsense.
1. "that girl is off the hizzle!"
2. "just hang your gang colours on the handy coat hizzle i jus put in the hall"
by jimi mystery? July 18, 2005
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