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An element that makes people act like jerks.
Plankton our fed everyone in Bikini Bottom fruitcake with jerktonium to make everyone a jerk. Spongebob was however immune to it.
by Dray’s Dictionary June 25, 2021
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The word to use when you are tired of sayingcoronavirus”.
Please stay in your house cuz you don’t want COVID-19.
by Dray’s Dictionary March 31, 2020
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The actual and correct answer to 2 + 2.
Jeffy: The mommy 2 and daddy 2 love each other very much make baby 2.
by Dray’s Dictionary November 27, 2020
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The real way to say the number 12. It’s not “Twelve”. If you have a high enough intelligence, you’ll come to realize that it’s actually “Twenteen”
Person A: How old are you?
Person B: I’m twelve.
Person A: What kind of number is that?
Person B: Uh.. it’s just a one and a two together.
Person A: That’s pronounced “Twenteen”. I don’t know what language you got that number from, but it’s not English.
by Dray’s Dictionary December 25, 2022
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A horrendous rip-off The Beatles that was mentioned in Wayne’s World.
David: What is your favorite band?
Joe: I like The Sh*tty Beatles.
David: We ain’t friends anymore.
by Dray’s Dictionary April 3, 2020
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School for those who stay there for eight hours a day:

I wanted to relax today, but I had to go to echool.

by Dray’s Dictionary February 17, 2021
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Someone who finds people in a specific ethnicity attractive.
Tom: So do you like her?
Dominic: Nah, she’s not Mexican.

Tom: What? You’re such a genophile.
by Dray’s Dictionary July 8, 2020
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