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An ugly 56-year-old man who is the most evil living thing in all-time history! He sadistically rapes and murders children in extremely brutal ways for no reason. He murdered over 100,000 innocent people and doesn’t care. Peter Scully is probably the Anti-Christ (Son of Satan) and even Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong, and Ivan The Terrible are 1,000 times better than Peter Scully. Peter Scully, you should die from cancer and Ebola.
“Wow Peter Scully, you actually managed to be worse than your father (Satan). I wish that the electric chair was allowed where you live because you deserve it.”
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by Dray’s Dictionary December 15, 2019

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The most purely cancerous hatebase ever! They make death threats to you for even mentioning fortnite! They don’t understand that it’s okay that not everyone has to have the same opinion and they are cancer mixed with aids.
Person A: I like fortnite.
Person B: I hope you f—ing die from cancer and aids and then burns in the fiery pits, you motherf—ing a—hole!
by Dray’s Dictionary December 31, 2019

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An indicator that you are a bad cook
Don't burn your bacon or you will hear the smoke detector
by Dray’s Dictionary February 16, 2019

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A huge fan of fortnite.
Have you ever met Bob? He is the biggest fortnitian ever!
by Dray’s Dictionary February 22, 2020

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A thing that people on Youtubers have no idea how to do because they are huge crybabies who can’t understand that not everyone has to have the same opinion and swear at you and give you death threats all because you have different opinions than them.
Hypersensitive Person: “Respecting opinions? I have no idea how to do that because I am a crybaby who bullies others for having different tastes than me!”
by Dray’s Dictionary November 03, 2019

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When Patrick Star is an unlikeable character. He appeared in episodes such as “Stuck in the Wringer”, “Pet Sitter Pat”, “Yours, Mine, And Mine”, “The Card”, “Ink Lemondade”, “The Fishbowl”, “I’m With Stupid”, and “Smoothe Jazz At Bikini Bottom”.
I hate you Patprick for glueing SpongeBob in the wringer!
by Dray’s Dictionary October 20, 2019

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Someone aged 20-99. As the ‘ty’ that comes after a number such as ‘seven’ implies the zero that is added.
Happy birthday to my 20 year old son! He is now a tyager!
by Dray’s Dictionary March 15, 2021

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