Referring to someone's large biceps and chest muscles. People with these like to show off as often as possible. If there an opportunity to show off their muscles, they will embrace that opportunity. In this instance, some one has dry toast. A muscular person grabs a butter knife and subsequently offers to butter someone's toast in effect flexing while doing so. Use as toast, referring to someone's bug muscles.
Good morning Ma'am, can I butter your toast?
Goodness. look at the Toast on that guy.
by NEDGBASS November 20, 2020
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A humerous and witty retort aimed at people who offend you using the popular slang "your mum" which can have deep and hurtful meanings to the receiver often resulting in them getting annoyed and wanting to fight.

This line asks the receiver to visualise their own mother ona slice of toast, often with side fillings such as cheese , the funnier more extreme the better.
"Your mum!"
"Yeh? well your fuckin mum on toast with cheese and lettuce smothered in tomato sauce!"

"hey dude you fuckin suck"
"Your mum on toast bitch"
by GF June 28, 2006
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