An Florida term for much love or be safe in these streets
Jay leaving aright safety my g
by Mrs.jay Gelin October 12, 2020
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An extremely stupid game, consisting of one person farting, then quickly saying 'Safety' before the other person can say 'Doorknob'. If the other person says 'Doorknob' within that small window of time,they can punch the aforementioned person in the arm, without any retaliation, until that person touches a doorknob.
-See also 'Doorknob'
<Poot!> "Doorknob!"
"Ow! Quit hittin' me!"
"You Gotta touch a doorknob!"
"Allright, fine, whatever."
That's a door HANDLE! It has to be a KNOB!" etc...
by Funky T. Garfunkel December 5, 2003
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Not guaranteed.
If safetys not guaranteed push it to the limit and remember to bring your own weapon.
by Zalb February 14, 2006
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Amplified version of 'safe': Safety is a positive adjective which can be applied to any situation or object. London and South East lexicon.
Cornelius: "You picking up for tonight bruv?"
Jermaine: "Yea man we are gona get buzzed."
Cornelius: "Safety."
by crystalisedsugar December 10, 2009
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1. A friend who goes on a first date with you, in case it goes bad.

2. Can be known as the 'safety' phone call when u get an 'unexpected phone call' on a bad date.

3. Also, someone used to cover up where they've been or where they are going.
1. "Hey, i'm going on this date wit guy I met the other day. Will you go with me to be my safety?"
"Please? What if the guy is a weirdo!!"
"Ok, fine."

2."Hey, I'm going on a date with Tom from next door. Give me s safety call around, 8:30"

3. "So what did you tell Andrew you were doing tonight?"
"Oh, I told him I was hanging out with you tonight, going shopping or whatever"
"Why do you always gotta use me for shit like that? You know, you're gonna get caught one day!!!"
"Nah, it's ok- you're my safety. He won't think a thing!"
by Korraahhh December 4, 2006
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A switch on a firearm preventing accidental discharage and allowing safer handling.
Safety that shit before you blow somebody's brains out, dumbfuck!
by J. B. Polpolvik December 25, 2005
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