Smocking When your trolling the freaks that used to be in office, Skippy & Val at a party Watch them on YT uMsQPuhBBfw
Projecting what you are in fact doing onto innocent people. you shouldn't be talking about smocking guns when yours is on fire
by Betterwakeup December 18, 2018
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A badge of shame worn by the low-paid, low-skilled workers at retail stores like Wal-Mart, Sam's Club and Home Depot. The smocks worn by employees of these stores are usually covered in advertising. They are also usually filthy. Source of the term smock job.
If you need to find a salesperson at Wal-Mart, just look for a nasty, big-assed white trash woman in stretch pants and a dirty smock. When you speak to her, you can put money on it that she will call you "hon."
by Led Zeppole March 18, 2004
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When you're too lazy to proofread or too dumb to accept you've written it wrong.
Democrats can’t find a Smocking Gun tying the Trump campaign to Russia after James Comey’s testimony. No Smocking Gun.

Two things are bad for your health: Smocking and covfefe.
by ThatGuyOnUrbanDic December 10, 2018
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a combination of the words "cock" and smoke" resulting in a verb in reference to the glorious act
"That one whore from Early American History smocks a mean dick!"
by xyourxworstxnightmarex February 01, 2005
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smock-ing, smock-ed

1. v. The act of ejaculating
2. v. Furiously dry-humping an unexpected or unwilling individual. See smock-time

3. v. Two European men kissing each other on the cheek in greeting
1. "I smocked your sister in the face." or "When i saw your mom i smocked myself."
2. "I just got smocked." or "I smocked you so hard you cried."

3. "European guys look gay when they smock."
by troxnor September 11, 2009
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Gf: Smack my face with your cock
Me: You want a smock?

Gf: Yes, right on my forehead my love
by KnivesAreQuiet March 02, 2020
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A excessively large shirt. If someone is seen to be wearing a smock, it is necessary to yell out 'smock' to inform them if they are unaware of the fashion crime they are committing.
Check out Lachlan's smock!

Holy crap that is a huge smock! What a prick!
by Cheech1990 May 29, 2007
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