A great person with an amazing personality. Loves to help other people and is one of the funniest people you will ever meet. A strong and confident person and if you ever are lucky enough to meet val, you cannot let val go.
Val is sooo awesome
by Ruiiiiiiiiii January 2, 2020
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A nickname used especially for names like Valentina, or Valerie. Val is kind, sweet, funny, and falls in love really fast. She has only a couple friends but she keeps them for a long time. Val is usually tall, brown or dark hair, and is very creative. Val is someone who you will remember forever
Abraham : Val is so sweet, I wish she was mine
Fred: yea, me too
by morganhinken634 November 18, 2018
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A woman who has an independent spirit and prefers to live life on her own terms. She places a far greater value on having a good time than on material possessions. But be warned that she has a very bad reputation for tempers, so do what you can to not set off any fiery displays. Lastly, she's extremely perceptive, honest and disdainful of deception in her relationship. She works hard but parties even harder!
by rogerdubuisseiyo June 16, 2011
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A Val is someone who is incredibly sexy, Very talented, extremely muscular, and always there for his homies. He is a kind and caring person that no matter how upset you are will always find someway to make you happy. But don't let kindness be mistaken for weakness because once he is pissed there is nothing in the world that will stop him from fucking your shit up and finessing your girlfriend. He try’s his hardest to make others happy because he most likely has been through a shit load of pain and hurt in his life. Having a Val as a friend is the best thing that can ever happen to a person and they should never let him go.
Random person-Yo who that?
Homie-Thats my boi Val.
Random persons girlfriend-HOLY SHIT HES SO FUCKING HOT!!!!
by DJ BUGGS April 17, 2020
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A very smart and helpful person. Also moonlights as a horny unicorn.
"Whoa that was some great advice from Val! She's quite the unicorn."
by Emerald Dream May 2, 2013
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The best - honestly. There's not much to say. She is great, but extremely stubborn and impatient, but still hot af.
man, val is hot.
by lalalalallalaallalala November 28, 2017
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Super sweet man. Hes so nice and kind and caring. Val is super funny and has great music taste too. Hes hot and sexy asf. /p hes also super cool and a great person. Hes literally a dun ass oerson to talk to and if you hate him or dont wanna talk to him at all, your loss because val is amazing. SO FUCK YOU HATERS.
Yoooooo, boi its val
Oh shit!!! He cool
Val also the alpha.
by O. K. July 14, 2021
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