Smocking is body painting for sexual gratification.

While the majority of body painting is done for artistic reasons, smockers belong to the subgroup that's just interested in getting their kicks. Normally either a negative or playful context, smockers aren't generally considered artists.
She thinks he wants to use her as the canvas for his next masterpiece, but he's just smocking.
by Carino Risagallo April 8, 2006
The way you spell smoking after you become President of The United States.
"Democrats can’t find a Smocking Gun tying the Trump campaign to Russia."
by Buckles Freeman December 10, 2018
Whacking a fella in the balls when he's spacing out, done with an open hand for surprise purposes.
Bob got smocked in gym class when he didn't hear his name called for attendance. Bob smocked me while was asking marylou for a date, in the hall. Bob got a wicked smocking
by troutseason May 10, 2012
Simple Moments of Contagious Kindness. It's like a random act of kindness that's contagious. So when you do something nice for someone, they do something nice for someone else.
"I'm totally gonna #SMOCK this stranger and feed their expired parking meter."
by lolatheshowgirl2 September 17, 2014
A boy or man with a small cock. Very very small cock.
Girl: Wow look at that really hot guy!!! Friend: Yea I would hit if he didn't have a smock.

The real reason me and my boyfriend broke up is because he couldnt hit the g-spot with his smock.

Get that microscopic smock away from me.
by Rock LCR 904 October 1, 2013
A generally degrading term used to describe when a person has made prearranged plans with someone and then fails to arrive for them.
We were supposed to tee off at 10. Where is Will? I think we've been smocked again.
by Miskatonix January 24, 2017
It's like when you slap someone..but with a sock
*Brad slaps me with sock*
Me - I've been smocked
by Sallydotcom December 29, 2020