An off-shoot company of wal-mart that sells bulk amounts of items for very cheap prices. This practice, along with blatantly advertised affiliation with wal-mart and small busnisses is a ploy to counteract people who believe wal-mart is a vicious enemy to small business.
I just bought 120 condoms at Sam's Club for $2.00!

Jerome complains a lot about Wal-Mart ruining his small business. He often shops for supplies at the Sam's Club.
by B-C September 10, 2006
Sam's Clubbing happens to be the gratuitous occasion of arriving on destination via Sam's Club and partaking in the various locales of samples and/or hand-outs as a meal.
My mother took us out Sam's Clubbing because she spent all of her food money on an assortment of plastic surgeries.
by Pitahbred/Dir August 14, 2010
Sams Club is a term referring to a "Shitty" situation regarding multiple people.
Oh, Sams Club is here.
by BeachedBoat September 22, 2020
A fan of the Michigan State Spartans who has no direct affiliation to the university but who loudly and obnoxiously proclaims his/her allegiance while wearing goods and apparel purchased at a local Sam's Club store.
"We" kicked your guys butts! Go Green! Wooo hoooo!!!

Wow, what a Sam's Club Spartan that guy is.
by woviefan1 November 10, 2010
A dating style used when a bro be hittin' up all tha ladies he can, tryna get the maximum booty possible, without paying for anything. All about dat quantity.
John: "Hey, is Joe taking out Susie again to a nice seafood dinner?"
Billy: "Nah, man, he's busy Sam's Club samplin'"
by sam's club sampler August 20, 2015
Want to got to Uncle Sam’s club at Buckley AFB this weekend?
by Munstadi May 27, 2018
A nickname given to the Coast Guard by the Marines. Usually said in a mocking manner due to the fact that the Coast Guard is rarely in combat and are instead mainly stopping drug boats and pulling six-pack rings off sea life. Contrary to the life of a Marine.
Coastguardsman: I’m in the Coast Guard
Marine: Oh, you mean Uncle Sam’s Canoe Club?
Coastguardsman: Huh?
Marine: Pussy.
by LaxBros69 February 1, 2018