1. Expression used when something smells unpleasant.

2. Expression used when something smells great.

3. "Smells Like A.S.S." - a new perfume lineup by Julia C.
(1) "This bubblegum smells like ass!"

(2) "Hey you smell really good; you smell like ass" "Yeah...I know"
by B/P/A February 9, 2011
Quote of rapper Lil Bibby in his remix of Faneto by Cheif keef, meant to be said towards females saying your better than their boyfriend
Female- "My boyfriend will beat you up"
Guy-"Yo boyfriend smell like ass and he broke"
by L.Harris July 28, 2016
A childlike and less offensive way of suggesting that something might be bullshit.
Oh Dad, that totally smells like cow ass!
by Dr Bunnygirl August 12, 2019