Jeremy is at school and can’t wait to go home and take his A.S.S”

“Jeremy came home after school and took his A.S.S”
by Jaques696 January 23, 2019
Short for Agents of Secret Stuff
Agents that saves lives and fight against their mortal enemies, the S.I.N.S. (Society Involving Not-so-good Stuff)
Becoming an official agent requires owning a H.O.L.E (Honorary Operative License Entitlement)
A.S.S.: I. Am an A.S.S.
by TheMajorA.S.S. January 24, 2011
Asian Secret Society
Created in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
A large criminal organization with plans for world domination, created in late 2003 by a Chinaman, 2 Viets, and a South Asian Brotha.
Yo, you better watch yo' ass, the A.S.S. is around.
by StiLL Matic October 11, 2005
A.S.S a.k.a After Shit Syndrome occers after a bad case of the diareha. It is mostly recognized as a horrible burning feeling in the ass.
Damn, I've got a bad case of A.S.S
by Rib Meister April 2, 2004
An acronym for Awkward Social Situation.
"I just sneezed in front of a whole bunch of people, and I sprayed snot everywhere!"

"Now thats an A.S.S."
by DJ Silly Hat November 10, 2007
Acronym, meaning: Always Stay Strapped. A way of living. A great way of living.
Bro, I was out in the woods and a fucking bear came up on me.

Oh Shit! What did you do?

I shot that mother fucker bro.

Damn dude, good thing you A.S.S.
by sanfred July 6, 2011